Jenna & Scott // WED

Every once in a while there comes along a couple who has their own ideas about how a celebration should be carried out.  They are excited and thoughtful and want to maximize the time they can spend with guests while offering a unique experience for their friends & family.  Enter Jenna & Scott's spectacular day-long event! 

With a heartfelt, sun-lit morning ceremony to kick off the festivities, followed by toasts and mingling in the garden the celebration was off to the perfect start.  Afterward, family stayed to join the new couple for an intimate lunch complete with all the delicacies you'd expect from the chef at Langdon Hall, setting the tone for the day as personal and intimate.  In the early evening things kicked up again as everyone was invited back for cocktails in the garden, then a spectacular dinner filled with mingling and oh-so-much love. 


The evening was beautiful with an outdoor heated patio for those who needed a break from the dance floor and couches in the yard for relaxing.  Not only did Jenna & Scott make this day truly their own, but they found the perfect venue to keep everything onsite and help them float seamlessly from one room to another throughout the day.  It was a elegant affair with personality.

Filled with lots of love and surrounded by everyone who is important to them, these two began their lives together as husband & wife.  It was a special day with a tight-knit group of friends (including some familiar faces for Trevor & I) and a strong sense of family.  A perfect celebration for this sweet and charming duo.  Congratulations Jenna & Scott - here's to years of love & laughter!