Elise & Matt // WED

It was the perfect day - complete with sun, good wine, dedicated family, and of course, a styling 1980's RV known as The Honey.  All the ingredients for a memorable day filled with love, laughter and one adorable couple.


Elise & Matt have a great chemistry - they make each other laugh, they surround themselves with amazing people and it's clear to see that they're completely crazy about each other.   Their day was amazing, complete with an unrelenting support from their family and friends the entire way.  From the flowers, to the chauffeur, to the stunning cake, to their entire dinner -- everyone came out to support these two and lent a hand or skill as they made it official.  What better way to start your lives together than with the full support of those closest to you?

After their lovely church ceremony at Aurora United Church we headed to Holland March Winery for the reception.  Believe it or not, this stunning winery is in Newmarket!  It's a complete gem in the area - with a pond, rolling fields of grapes, and a gorgeous reception space.