Diana & Dave // ENGAGED

One of my absolute favourite things about engagement sessions is that we have that we have an opportunity to really choose a location, activity or pastime that reflects the couple.  Our latest session with photographers Diana & Dave ended up being a really special experience for us all.  These two are adorable together - they have a strong sense of self, love nature, the outdoors and all furry creatures big & small.  So, when they came up with the idea of doing their session at a farm we were thrilled!

After a little research we found the perfect location - Painted Rock Rescue Farm in Tottenham.  On paper this place had all the elements we could wish for: a great variety of animals, rolling hills, a stunning barn complete with kitties, wooden fences and that fitting country vibe.  Perfect!  What we didn't know was that the owner, Laura, was such a kind, loving and welcoming spirit.  She greeted us all with open arms, showed us the ropes, taught us about the animals likes and dislikes, helped us corral our new friends and offered no shortage of support and laughter along the way, with surprises at every turn. This truly is a special place.  Animals of all shapes and sizes can be found here, and they are all getting the caring, free-sprited life they deserve at this sanctuary. Including the famous Wiggles the pig - who loved being in the spotlight and was happy to partake in our session.


Pair that with this adorable soon-to-be wed couple and you've got a very memorable afternoon, and one amazing session.  The day left all of us feeling the love, smiling ear-to-ear and filled with gratitude toward Laura for inviting us to explore the farm she so lovingly cares for.  It was the perfect location for this down to earth, vegetarian couple's session, and left all of us longing for a little piece of land in the country to call our own.