Trevor and Larissa during out Engagement shoot by Davina and Daniel
Trevor and Larissa during out Engagement shoot by Davina and Daniel


Yes - we're a couple!
We love all things photography and are passionate about travelling to see the world! 


                     There's nothing quite like being able to do what you love for a living.



We've been working together capturing wedding moments for over 6 years and have met some truely amazing people in the process.  The emotion, love, connections, and excitement of a wedding day fuel us.  We feel truly privileged to have worked with so many outsanding couples on such a memorable day.



                          We fell in love while on the road shooting a wedding in India...                
                                        since then we've pretty much been inseparable.





I'm a lover of sweets and gourmet cheeses.  

I have an affinity for vintage shops and old, pre-loved trinkets.

I'd school you on the basketball court.

In my down time I pull up a chair, grab a good book, and snuggle with our two pets: Jax the Cat and Rothko the Puppy.


My love for photography began in high school when a long affair with the arts led me into the darkroom.  Since then, I've never looked back.  I have an honours Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography Studies from Ryerson University and have extensive training on multiple formats ranging from 35mm, to 120mm, to 4x5 sheet film.


During my time at Ryerson I developed a strong affinity for studio photography and a command over both off-camera flash and natural lighting techniques.  I work to combine these elements into images that portray your story creatively and naturally - outlining its unforgettable details, individual beauty and quiet, memorable moments. 


Favourite photographer:  Irving Penn
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I never go anywhere without my Leica draped over my shoulder.

You might say I have a coffee addiction.  French press.

Ride fix or die trying.

I'll jump at the chance to camp in the wilderness - the further out the better -
any season, any weather.


The craziness of media scrums and buzz of the newsroom have prepared me surprisingly perfectly for the world of Wedding Photography!  Having attended the only photojournalism school in the country, Loyalist College, I was able to follow my passion for photography and gain experience through a variety of approaches ranging from documentary to news coverage.  I'm an avid street-shooter and take my camera with me almost everywhere - I love the feeling of knowing that I just caught a quirky moment on film!  



When it comes to Weddings, I work to blend into the background and capture the true moments and interactions - it's my goal to depict the day naturally as it unfolds; leaving you with images that are not only timeless, but genuine, capturing your true personalities and the spirit of your day.


Favourite photographer : James Nachtway.
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We've toured India together (twice), backpacked south east Asia, roamed the green rolling hills of Romania, camped in back country Newfoundland, hiked to what felt like the edge of nowhere, danced on tables in the beer tents of Germany, climbed the walls of the gorge in Kentucky, and road-tripped across half the country.

Our combined love for photography, the outdoors, culture, and travel lets us spar creatively and support each other during personal projects. 


Having just married in the summer of 2010 we took the bulk of 2011 off to travel together for just over nine months.  Eleven countries and tens of thousands of images later, we're back in Toronto again - refreshed, refocused, and in the midst of setting up our new studio space in the east end. 


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