Trevor & I decided that we had to share our invitations with you!  We simply love love love the way they turned out...
As two passionate photographers we decided to try to turn our mutual obsession with photography into a theme.  Since both Trevor & I enjoy shooting film on the side for personal projects it seemed only natural that we integrate this somehow into our day.  (apart from actually supplying our photographers with film for their cameras of course!)
The result is a collaboration between Trevor & I and an invitation that took an assembly line of 5 to create.  We had to make about 40 after all was said and done and I was lucky enough to have the help of my ladies and a little bit of wine!  (Thanks girls!)  It was tons of fun and completely worth it...
Guests received their invite in the mail, wrapped in brown paper & ribbon:

A few details of the film canister invitation:
Wedding Invitations by Trevor & Larissa of Ambient Studios, www.trevor-larissa.com
Pulling the 'film' out revealed all the details guests needed about the day:
Wedding Invitations by Trevor & Larissa of Ambient Studios, www.trevor-larissa.com
The guests seemed to love them and I thought we'd share our little DIY.  A little something different, and a great precursor to our vintage camera themed day!

Hilariously, these invitations have gone completely viral - we've received emails from all over the world asking for more information and checking to see if we'd create the same invitations for their weddings!  We love that others have appreciated them as much as we did... for more photos and info on our wedding, please click here.

Due to the influx of interest and the busy time of year, we will not be offering to create these invites for others, but you're welcome to tackle the project on your own and send us a few images of how they turned out!


please, what was written on the invitation?
- marina - 14.02.12
I love the invites how did you make them I'm getting married and would love to use your idea
- Erica Bruffett - 23.02.12
Will you please tell us how to make these?
- Paige - 29.02.12
Could you tell us how you made them so we can tackle ourselves? Thanks!
- Deborah Sheldon - 05.03.12
Wow what a GREAT idea!! Would love to know how you guys made these, can u make a tutorial for us all so we can make these. I got a TWILIGHT movie party coming up and these would make cool invites for the movie-a-thon!!
- Nicole-Salena - 11.03.12
My daughter saw these and she is having a "pretty as a picture" Sweet 16 on June 2nd this year. Could you PLEASE! let me know how you made these? and where you got the inserts and how to do it! Thanks so so much! arlene
- arlene langdon - 02.04.12
Please where can we get the empty rolls, having surprise party for grandaughter and she is a photo buff.
- Irene Jimenez - 10.05.12
Thanks for all the great feedback everyone - we loved them too! If you're looking to DIY this project, research a little about bulk film loading and you'll find a lot of the information helpful. The canisters can be purchased from almost any professional photography store. Places like B&H Photo or Henry's are a good bet, and there are usually a few options to choose from, some are yellow (like ours) while others are black or have no stickers on the outside. Happy crafting everyone! :)
- Larissa Issler - 16.05.12
Where did you get the paper you printed the information on?? Thanks!
- Kimberly ramirez - 20.05.12
Please spill the beans!! How did you guys make these!? I must know!
- Katrina - 14.06.12
We're doing these invitations for our wedding they are so cute! I pretty much copied your design, it was so simple and nice! I did it in word using shapes and text boxes. They came out perfect, wish there was an option to post a photo!
- Alison - 07.09.12
Alison - We'd love to see how they turned out! Feel free to shoot us an email with some pictures - and congratulations! :)
- Larissa Issler - 10.09.12